Years ago I left, I had no choice. Only to return, and the first hard chest I run into belongs to my childhood crush, Jase. He’s the popular football captain, full of charm and charisma.

I, however, am not the same girl I was.
I’m damaged.
I’m broken.

Never did I think I’d be back in the place of lost memories of my past. When my father died all his secrets and lies went with him. Now back with my mom and a new family I knew nothing about, I attempt to navigate my way down memory lane.

Jase was my best friend. He made promises only to break them. No matter how angry I am at him, I can’t help those old feelings that bubble to the surface. He’s no longer the little boy I remember, but a man–one who still causes my stomach to flip.

Can I forgive him for forgetting me?

The Right Guy is the fourth book in the My Guy series of New Adult sweet college romances.