I swore I’d never have the hots for another jerky jock again, and yet, here we are…

The only way I can crush it my second year of college is to avoid any potential heartbreakers, but when I meet Parker Kent, my self restraint meets its match.

The basketball team captain is at the top of the popularity chain. With all that charm and smoking hot tattooed body, he could have any girl he wants…and yet he keeps showing up at my Monday shift, almost as if intentionally trying to get my attention off of school work and onto him.

He plays like it’s my wit that’s won him over, but that doesn’t seem to warrant his persistence. What exactly is he after? I mean, if the rumors are to be believed, his skills can’t be beat. Not on the courts…or off. But is a night of passion worth the inevitable heartache?

If you like sweet new adult contemporary sports romance with snappy dialogue, delicious characters, and swoon-worthy moments, then Monday Night Guy is for you! One click to see if Parker can show Addison that not all college relationships end up out of bounds.