Take a trip into the small town of River Valley, where you’ll fall in love with some crazy, fun-loving, and college students. They all have their own story to share. With over 400 positive reviews on the collection of books, there’s sure to be something here for everyone.

Read the My Guy Collection of sweet, college romance books. They include Monday Night Guy, My Aussie Guy, My Forbidden Guy, and The Right Guy.

Monday Night Guy: I swore I’d never have the hots for another cocky jock again, and yet, here we are.

My Aussie Guy: I’m the girl who continuously falls for the wrong guy, and he’s the Australian exchange student who has charm in spades. What happens when it’s time for him to leave?

My Forbidden Guy: There’s something about the word ‘forbidden’ that makes everything more tempting—like my brother’s best friend.

The Right Guy: Years ago, I left. I had no choice. Only to return, and the first chest I run into belongs to my childhood crush, Jase. He’s the popular football captain, tempting and attractive.