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Wow! My first actual blog post. How Exciting!!

First let me say that here there will be mistakes because lets face it my editor doesn’t check these and well I’m only human. I’m not perfect.

So What’s been happening? Right now I’m getting ready to attend my second signing, Readers Writers Down Under! I’m super excited to meet new readers and to catch up with old readers and friends. So much organizing goes into these signings and I truly appreciate the kindness shown from the organizers for this particular signing. Last year I got to meet lots of wonderful authors but the highlight was meeting Kristen Ashley. I love her work!

BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!! Photos to come in my next post!

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I recently wrote those two magical word ‘The End’ on Dangerous Love (Unforgiven Series, #1). I have rewrites to do before it goes to editing, but I’m hoping for a release over the next two months. I’m not giving a date because I hate being under pressure, having 3 kids gives me enough stress as it is. Plus I want it to be perfect. Here’s some teasers for ya!

rob smith post try    DL TEASER

Well I better get back to packing and sorting swag and clothes for this coming weekend! I’ll try for more regular postings here and keep you updated with what’s going on.

Love you all and thanks for your support!