My Guy Series




She’s a brainy college sophomore. He’s a basketball captain with charm and popularity. Does her vow to steer clear of jerks need a time out?

Bookworm Addison James pledged to crush it in her second year in college, so avoiding guys who’ll break her heart is at the top of her list. When a smoking hot jerk makes her Monday night shift part of his weekly routine, she wonders if her resolution will last until midterms.

Parker Kent knows he’s at the summit of the popularity food chain, and he plays it to the max. He loves the envious looks his athletic, tattoo-covered body awards him, but it’s Addison’s witty banter that truly draws him in. Unfortunately, not even he can persuade the gorgeous geek to drop her defenses. Doesn’t mean he’ll give up, though. He has persistence by the bucket loads and skills both on and off the court.

Can Parker show Addison that not all college relationships end up out of bounds?

Copyright 2018 – Liz Lovelock