It’s the NEW YEAR!

Well it’s now 2017!

How exciting. So many new adventures to be had and books to write! I’ve decided that this year I’ll attempt to me more active on my blog and give my readers more of ME. What could be so interesting about me? Well I’m not sure either but we can have fun learning together. Sorry in advanced about all my editing mistakes, I’m not great at it which is why I have editors and proofreaders who do that for me with my books.

So you must be wondering what’s in store from Liz Lovelock this year. Good Question!

First off we have Someday (Canyon Bay Series) releasing on February 8th. I’m so excited for Chloe and Seth’s story. It doesn’t have my usual spin of suspense in it, but there are lots of surprises coming your way when you read it. Look at how pretty the cover is! Thanks to Cassy at Pink Ink Designs. She does AMAZING work.


I’ll be signing at Books by the Bridge event being held in Sydney, Australia, also happening in February. If you are attending and would like to order any of my books please click here. I’m so excited to be signing with some truly talented authors. I love the friendships I’ve made and always look forward to the new ones I make. It’s such an exciting experience. I take my hat off to Kat T. Masen and all the work she has put into this, along with taking care of her own family. Thank you for putting this on for all authors, You’re amazing! If you’d like to attend there are still tickets available. Click here to be taken to the site to purchase.


Another signing I’ll be attending is Riveting Reads Australia, being held in Brisbane, Australia. The ladies have been putting in lots of effort with this signing also. Look at that line up of Authors. I hope to see you at one of these this year!


Aren’t I a busy little bee this year? If you didn’t already know my Lost Series, The Lost One and The Missing One have new covers coming sooner than you think. Perhaps in the next day or two. They are so pretty! I can’t wait to share them with you.

As for my writing plan, I’ve got a few in the process. I’m working of Forbidden Love (Unforgiven Series, Book Two) Summer is being stubborn and won’t talk to me or give me much so she’s be put in the corner until she starts talking. It better be soon, the stubborn girl. She’s is a bad place at the moment which is why she could be struggling to sort out her path. Luke isn’t as far away as she thinks so who knows…I’ll let you dwell on that for now. haha. I’m evil.


I’ve started writing a novella series which is a little more suspenseful than my other books, this one really captivates me and makes me so excited to write it. Elenore Burrows is one strong chick. I’ll give you this little tidbit…The series name is Letters in Blood. Think about that now…yeah I bet you want to hit me now. So I’ll see how I go with these titles this year. I’ll be around so much more on social media and active on my blog and try doing more regular newsletters. Sorry I’m shocking with them.

Write a love letter with a rose.close up photo

What else…I’m preparing at the moment to go away to the beach for a week, which is going to be great. I’ve been looking forward to it. Once I finish here I have to go finish making curtains (Oh YAY! haha) And how could I forget painting, I’ve got another lick of paint to add to the walls of the caravan. Busy, busy, busy. Then school starts back and I’m super pumped for it, it’s been a mad house here with my 3 terrors home. I crave the hour my hubby gets home, then I’m hiding and snacking on all the chocolate and sweets.

Well I better go get these other job done. I’ll leave you for now with a promise to be back, teasing you with some snippets of Someday, so stay tuned. I wish you all the best for the new year and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

Take care

Liz xx